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Resource Centre

What is the Resource Centre?

Resource Centre As IPR is your one-stop IT home, we offer resource management services to all of our customers. Whether you are candidate looking for work or a client needing human resources, this is the place for you!

We actively promote the resource point as an effective recruiting place for companies of all industries and sizes.

What services do we provide?

IPR"s on-demand resource service helps many companies deliver on their project or operational service levels by providing skilled individuals at short notice. Our recruiting services ensure our customers get the right person for the job.

On Demand Resources

We recognise that certain roles do not require full time resources and hiring in such circumstances can be costly for the business. In addition we also know that paying for project resources when there are stagnant periods also causes unnecessary overheads.

Our partnering program means that we have access to resources on the fly, which can be moved around as and when needed and at short notice.

Recruitment services

At IPR we are able to offer a range of recruitments services for any IT discipline and in every sector. We specialise in matching skills to requirements and can assist our customers at every stage of the process.

Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the market sector, many with backgrounds in the industry, bringing together professional experience with industry knowledge. They can also provide current information on business trends and remuneration packages.

Our commitment to you

As we are an information technology-focussed company, we know what skills and resources are right for our customers. We don’t just look at buzzwords to find suitable candidates or skilled resources, we take the time to understand the requirement and even more time to match it.

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